What if One Forgot to Recite a Surah After the Fatiha in Prayer?

The Qunut in Prayer

The Taraweeh Prayers: Is 20 Rak’ahs an Innovation?

The Taraweeh Prayers: Number and Place

Wearing Footwear in Prayer


Ramadan for the Pregnant, Nursing and Elderly

When (How Quickly) Should One Break the Fast After Sunset?


I have a daughter who is married. Can I give her from my Zakat?


The Length of the Moustache

Some of the Sunan of Friday

Dhikr Between the Fajr Prayer and the Sunna Prayers Before it

Salawat upon the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)

What is the Cut-Off Salaat?

On Calling the Prophet (peace be upon him) ‘sayyidna’ in the Prayer

Food & Leisure

Can We Eat Meat from Non-Muslim Lands?

On Musical Instruments


What is the Meaning of “al-Qadr” in Laylat al-Qadr?

Reciting Fatiha for the Dead and for the Prophet (peace be upon him).

The Ruling on Kissing Hands and Feet


Amputating an Otiose Finger


Let Them Rejoice! Some Quranic verses and Hadiths on the Mawlid

Celebrating Muhammad: Gatherings for our master Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Are none of the ancestors of the Prophet (peace be upon him) polytheists? What about the Prophet Ibrahim’s father?

Understanding Baraka and Tabarruk

What is the Life of Our Prophet Like Now?

What Should be Our Incentive and Intention in Sending Salawat Upon the Prophet (peace be upon him)?

What is a Zawiya?

The Hadith Musalasal on the Use of Tasbih

The Bay’ah: A Prophetic Sunna

Tawassul: A Qur’anic Understanding

On the Meaning of Madad. When is it permissible and When is it not permissible?

On the Virtues of the Night of Mid-Shaban (1)

{We sent it down during a blessed night…In it every wise matter is determined} (44:3-4). Does this refer to the Night of Honor or the Night of Mid-Sha’ban?

The Spiritual Ascensions of the Salaf

What is a Hawl or Mawlid?


The Creed of Imam Shafi’i

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