Reciting Fatiha for the Dead: A Story

Shaykh Salih al-Ja’fari (may Allah be pleased with him and please him) said:

I saw in the dream a scholar from the dead stretched out on his bed, and to his side was what looked like a male nurse in his white uniform.

I said to him: It has reached me about you that you were very eloquent in speech and I want to hear your eloquence.

He signaled to me in a way that I understood that he was hungry and unable to speak.

I sat on a carpet next to him and recited the Fatiha for him. When I said, “Amen,” what looked like a silver Riyal came down from the ceiling. The man next to him took it. At this point the scholar sat up cross-legged and said to him: get some food.

I said to him: Does the Qur’an reach you this quickly?

He said: Yes, but not at this speed with which the reward of the Fatiha arrived.

Meaning: That the Fatiha reaches earlier than the other Surahs.

He then added: You (the living who send it) also benefit from it, though you are not aware of that.

It harms not the mid-day Sun rising above the horizon

that the blind man cannot see its brightness

Q: Can the Fatiha be read for the honored Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), even though Allah forgave him all of his prior and later sins?

A: The Malikis said: It is not to be read. The Shafi’is said: It is to be read. We read it according to their school (madhhab).

{God and His angels send prayers upon the Prophet- so, you who believe, send him prayers and give him greetings of peace}

The prayers of the angels are like our prayers. They say: Oh Allah send prayers and greetings of peace and blessings upon Muhammad and his family and companions.

As for the prayer of the Lord of Majesty, it is a bestowal that is given to him (peace and blessings be upon him and his family) from the Most Wise, the Most Knowledgeable.

– Shaykh Salih al-Ja’fari, The Friday Lessons, Vol 1, p. 40.


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