New Website

Assalamu alaykum.

I have just launched a new website for future articles in which I study points of fiqh, hadith, tafsir and the like. I may possibly take this blog down in a year’s time or so.


  1. Iskander Gani says:

    Assalamu Alaikum

    I love this blog of yours. I took much benefit.
    As long as you keep it people will only benefit inshaAllah.

  2. Zulfakhry Omar says:


    Can you please copy link to the story of Khidir leading the Mongols army. The mystical aspects of why the army was invincible.

    If I’m not mistaken the title of the article was “Yaa ayyuhal kaafirun, uqtulu hazihi faajirun”

    I’m not sure if the article was from your blog or not.

    Your kind assistance is very much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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