Encounter: Al-Sanusi and Abdul Qadir al-Jazairi

Abd al-Qadir al-Jaza’iri’s meeting with Al-Sanusi Abdul Qadir al-Jazairi’s grandfather, the sharif Mustafa, received the Qadiri and Akbari tariqas in the Eastern lands of Islam, before returning to Algeria where he founded a religious center, Qaytana. His son Muhyiddin, a great scholar, became the main Qadiri shaykh in Western Algeria. His son Abdul Qadir was […]

Encounter: Ibn Idris and al-Sanusi

“I studied the exoteric sciences, devoting thirty years to their study, until I had mastered them and was proficient in them,” says the great imam and scholar Muhammad ibn Ali as-Sanusi. He had studied in Algeria with local teachers, before moving to Fez where he studied for 15 years. While in Fez, he took the […]

That is My Lineage!

The sayyid Muhammad ibn Ali al-Sanusi (may Allah be pleased with him) said to the sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris (may Allah be pleased with him), “Dictate to me your lineage so that I may record it.” He said to him, “My lineage is the Book and the Sunna. Look, and if you find me upon […]

The Musalsal Hadith of Using Tasbih

A hadith musalsal is a hadith that contains an extra element of information about the way the hadith was being transmitted at every link of the chain. The word musalsal means ‘in a chain’ or ‘made into a chain.’ And tasalsul means ‘the process of becoming a chain’ and refers to the extra element of […]

What is a Zawiya?

Khanqahs are like the rahba (courtyard) that Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) built to the side of the Masjid and said: ‘Whoever wants to chat or recite poetry or raise his voice, let him go out to this courtyard. – Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ali al-Sanusi, al-Salsabil al-mu’in. The hadith and its explanation. Imam […]