Two Mawlid PDFs

Here are the links to download two mawlid works. By  mawlid  we mean concise works on the biography of the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and send him peace) written in beautiful rhymed prose. They are designed in this way to be recited with ease on a regular basis or on special occasions. […]

Let no one forget.

Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal (may Allah be pleased with him and please him) said, The graves of (even) the great sinners from among the Ahl al-Sunna are a garden, while the graves of (even) the ascetics among the (doctrinal) innovators are a pit. (Even) the deviant (fussaq) among the Ahl al-Sunna are the Friends of […]

Encounter: Ibn Idris and al-Sawi

He (may God be pleased with him) had powerful thinking in extracting and discovering the signs in The Book and the Sunnah. In his time there was no one close to him in memorization and the talent of evocation. When al-Shaykh Ahmad al-Sawi came to Mecca for the purpose of the pilgrimage, the people of […]

Encounter: Ibn Idris and al-Tijani

Shaykh Ahmad ibn Idris was either 13 or 23 years younger than Shaykh Ahmad al-Tijani (may Allah be pleased with them both); the difference because historians give us two different years for Shaykh Ibn Idris’ birth. The Egyptian scholar and hadith master Shaykh Muhammad al-Hafiz al-Tijani wrote in a footnote to al-Ifadatul Ahmadiyya, “Shaykh Ahmad […]

Encounter: Ibn Idris and al-Darqawi

It is mentioned in one source that one day the famous wali of the Maghrib, Shaykh al-‘Arabi al-Darqawi, was teaching while standing, overcome by a spiritual state. He pointed to the sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris and said, “Behold a Wali unlike other awliya, a Ghawth unlike other aghwath, a Qutb unlike other aqtab.” Shaykh Ahmad […]