The Prayer for Swift Relief and Ease

دَعْوَةُ الْيُسْرِ الْقَرِيْبِ

بِإِذْنِ اللهِ السَّمِيْعِ المُجِيِبِ

The Prayer for Swift Relief and Ease,

By the Permission of Allah, the All-Hearing,

the One Who Answers

By Shaykh Salih al-Ja’fari



To download PDF click on the link below

Prayer for Swift Relief


  1. AsSalaamualaykum

    Jazaak’AllahuKhairun for all your efforts may they be a Sadqa Jariya for yourself in this world and the next

    I wished to ask regarding these couplets

    In the PDF it is mentioned
    After that, many people flocked around whoever had the ‘Kanz as-Saʿāda’ and began to read the litany and the compositions. And praise belongs to Allah for that.”

    1. Do the couplets need to be read with Kanz as Saʿāda?
    1b. If so where is Kanz as Saʿāda
    to be found and the translation ?

    2.if one is not proficient in Arabic are the translations sufficient ie can everything be read in English

    3. Do we need ijaazat for either the couplets or kanza as
    Saʿāda if we are not part of Shaykh Jaafaris May Allah AlayhiRahmas Tareeqah

    Jazaak’AllahuKhairah wa Ahsanal Jazaa

    • wa alaykum assalam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh. Thank you for your duas. Regarding the questions:

      1) The couplets do not need to be read with Kanz al-Sa’ada. Shaykh Salih added them at the end of that litany so people flocked to whoever had those booklets to read these couplets and I’m sure they were encouraged to join the regular weekly dhikr gatherings of Kanz al-Sa’ada.

      1b.) I am planning to inshaAllah ta’ala translate Kanz al-Sa’ada for people to be able to lead gatherings with it, as it’s a highly recommended dhikr for congregational dhikr and we use it once a week.

      2) I do hope and pray that reading the English translation alone will be sufficient. I have worked with a brother on translating the daily awrad of Shaykh Salih al-Ja’fari, and his grandson who is currently shaykh of his tariqa said people may read just the English translation if they don’t know any Arabic. I hope if that is so even for something as significant as one’s daily wird, then for these couplets it should be more so.

      3) There is general ijaza for everyone in the world to read any litany or wird or du’a to do with Shaykh Salih even by those not part of his tariqa.

      Finally I ask you to make du’a for quick completion of the Kanz al-Sa’ada.

  2. AsSalaamualaykum
    My beloved and dear brother. By Allah i don’t think the prayers of this mushrik will be of any special blessing to your cause but still Allahs Generousity is beyond our Compeehension and may He bless all your pious intentions with the best of successes.

    Jazaak’AllahuKhair wa Ahsanal Jazaa for your response.

    yes if the living Shaykh did give thier specific blessing for these blessed couplets to be recited in English it would be of even greater blessing . Or maybe if they were in communication with Sayidi Jaafari Alayhi Rahma
    They could request for Sayidi to do dua/give ijaza that these be accepted with the same Barakah when recited in English.

    Lastly brother there is many a thing which I wanted To ask yourself but these they are relevant to this post or others for that matter. Nor are they things I would wish to say publicly .If you so willed maybe yourself could use my email address to contact me directly . As yourself wishes

    Please also pray your brother and the ummah

    Pleasure and very honoured to be communicating.

    Jazaak’AllahuKhair wa Ahsanal Jazaa

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