Who are the Real Kings?

The pleasure of life is only in the company of the fuqara
they are the sultans, the chiefs, the princes.

– Shaykh Abu Madyan al-Ghawth

One time Shaykh Salih al-Ja’fari was in Jeddah on the way to Mecca and there was a checkpoint where everyone had to get out of the vehicles and line up in a long line to travel around the metal barrier. Some of the brothers went up to the soldier and said to him, ‘please do not let the old shaykh have to stand up and walk around the barrier in the line.’ The soldier simply did not care. The shaykh walked up to the soldier and roared in his face, ‘NAHNUL MULUK’!!: we are the kings!! The soldier immediately gave a military salute and moved to the side, frightened, and opened the gate and let them through. No body knows what exactly he saw, but he was acting as if he saw in front of him a fully decorated general or a king, not a shaykh.

Shaykh salih crowd

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