Constant Repetition

{He bound them to the Word of Taqwa} (48:26).
Shaykh Salih al-Ja’fari said: (alzamahum) (bound them) comes from (mulazama) which is to never be far from, and never separate from something. It is like when one says: “I will not leave you until you give my what is my right.” So the meaning is: He will stay with him at all times and forever until he gives him what is his right.

Point of benefit: One must have mulazama of the Word of Tawhid, and this mulazama is of two types. The first is mulazama of its meaning, which is that the heart remains bound to its meaning at every moment until the soul leaves in this state.

The second type is the mulazama of the tongue’s mentioning of it. What is meant by mulazama here is: to do much dhikr of it.

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