O House of Ahmad

يا آل أحمد أنتم الأمراءُ * والسادة الأمجاد والنقباءُ

وسراجكم طه المنير وأنتمُ * من نوره والكون والأشياء

أسماؤكم بالوحي ليست مثل من * سمّاهم الأجداد والآباء

Oh house of Ahmad, you are the leaders,

the glorious masters, the chiefs

Your sun is TaHa the luminous and you,

are from his light, and so is the universe

Your names came by revelation, not like the ones

who were named by their fathers and grandfathers

– From a poem by Shaykh Salih al-Ja’fari, may Allah please him and be pleased with him

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