“How Could I Not Be Allowed?”

Shaykh Salih al-Ja’fari (may God be pleased with him) performed the Hajj 27 times. It all started when he began composing his famous poem The Garden of the Hearts and Souls (aka Radeena Ya Bani al-Zahra) at the tomb of our lady Zaynab, sister of our masters al-Hasan and al-Husayn. He saw her in a dream, giving him an authorisation to go to Hajj, and ever since he went every year until he passed away. But one of those years, the Egyptian government made a new law that no one who has been to Hajj before can go this year. Shaykh Salih tells us in one of his Friday lessons what happened next:

I went to our master al-Husayn (may God be pleased with him) after the Noon Prayer, and greeted him. Then I said, “How could I not be allowed to go Hajj while you are present in Egypt? Who can rule over your decision?!”

I then fell asleep and I saw a big bed, and on it was our master al-Husayn (may God be pleased with him), asleep. His hand was very wide. He stood up and spoke, so I seized the opportunity to kiss his hand.

He said to me: “Where are your beautiful roses?”

That is because I used to bring him roses from Bahrain.

I said: “I am busy, and I want to visit your grandfather, may God’s peace and blessings be upon him.”

He said, “You and the one with the sunglasses.”

(He was thus known because he used to always wear sunglasses, and would only take them off when he entered the presence of shaykh Salih).

(When I woke up) I said to my brothers: “Good news, my brothers! InshaAllah, God will make it easy.”

At that moment, Ibrahim (the one with the glasses) came, ecstatic. He said: “By God I just did such and such a thing, to apply for Hajj!”

I said to him: “Go and make me an application too.”

So he went and applied for me, on the basis that I had not been to Hajj before through the government.

But then the boat left, and Ibrahim took it, and I had to apply to get a place on the airplane, and I traveled by plane.

As soon as I arrived in Medina, I went to greet the Prophet (may God’s peace and blessings shower down upon him and his family). I said: “Greetings of peace unto you from your grandson al-Husayn (may God be pleased with him), and then greetings of peace from me to you.”

After that I saw Ibrahim there.

The reply to my request came on the same day, and the very same hour!

“How could I not be permitted to go to Hajj while you are present?!”

Muhammadi Rose

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