Mutaba’a (Close Following)

Know that the way of the People of Allah, may God be pleased with them, is the following (ittibaa’) of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in the big and the small. The more that one increases in following, the more he increases in perfection – for full perfection according to them is the fullness of following – or else he is not one of them, or is considered by them to be lacking. They weigh all their actions by the scale of the Shari’ah so that all that is part of it they follow and all that is not part of it, they reject.

The Tariqa Muhammadiyya is based on the close following of the Sunna in one’s sayings and spiritual states, and on occupying oneself with the sending of blessings on the Prophet at all times.

– Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ali al-Sanusi


al-Dajani, Ahmad Sidqi,  Al-Haraka al-Sanusiyya, pp 142, 152.

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