The Miracles of the Prophet (peace be upon him)

Part of a lesson recorded in the late 1970′s by the imam of the noble Azhar
(may Allah be pleased with him)



Most great is Allah in His exaltedness! How sublime He is, a great God is He!


He sent the Prophet (peace be upon him) with dazzling signs, and He combined for him within the great Qur’an the knowledges that are in all the books that He had revealed.


And He combined for him all the miracles with which He had graced all the Prophets and Messengers, peace and blessings be upon them.


Our master Solomon peace be upon him says: “We have been taught the speech of birds” (27:16). And our Prophet (pbuh) was spoken to by the camel, and the lizard, and even inanimate things like the stone which used to greet him, and the tree trunk which cried out to him.


And if water burst out of rocks for our master Moses – (peace be upon him) – that is not strange, because Allah Most High said: “There are some rocks from which streams burst forth, and surely there are some which split so water issues out of them” (2:74).


And He brought out for our Prophet (peace be upon him) water from between his fingers, and that is not a place that water comes out from. So his miracle was higher and more elevated!


Al-Bura’i said:

 ”And if Jesus spoke to the dead,

a tree trunk cried out for this Prophet!”


A dead body had been alive and able to speak before, so if it comes back to life and speaks, that is not too strange. But what is strange is for a tree trunk, which is an inanimate object, to have understanding and to speak!


And the trees obeyed him – peace be upon him – when he called them over to him. Al-Busiri said:


“The trees came to him, responding to his call,

their trunks walking to him though they had no feet,

and they fell prostrate before him!”


How is it that inanimate objects obeyed him but the disbelievers didn’t?! In this is an admonishment for them: This is the Prophet who was recognised by the inanimate objects, so they obeyed him, so what is wrong with you that you do not hear and do not obey?!


It is like His saying Most High: “And by this city which is secure” (95:3). So this is Mecca, My city in which the fearful finds safety and refuge, so what is wrong with you that you scared My Prophet and My beloved and made him leave it and migrate from it? Where is your intellect?!


How eloquent is the Qur’an in its phrases! And how great it is in its law-making.

When  it says, for example: “And do not forget to be generous and kind to each other!” (2:237).


And when it says: “Say to people that which is good and beautiful” (2:83).


And when it says: “And when they are angered, they forgive” (42:37).


And when it says: “And those who restrain their anger and pardon all, and Allah loves those who do good to others” (3:134).


And when it says: “Do not utter in front of them the slightest expression of annoyance, and do not scold them, and say to them that which shows them honour.” (17:23)



And if some people deny miracles that is only because of a deficiency of intellect and a weakness of faith. For Allah – most high – praised the believers with His saying: “Those who believe in the ghayb” (2:3). Al-Qurtubi said: “The ghayb is that which we do not see. Like the poet said:


In the ghayb we believed, and our people used

to pray to the idols, before Muhammad.



So Allah praised the believers for believing in the ghayb which they do not see, but are informed of by their Lord – sublime is He – and His Prophet – peace be upon him.


If someone were to say: “How did the  tree come to the Prophet (peace be upon him) ?  You say to him: It was Allah, the All-Powerful, who bought it to him. And do you want to make the power of Allah – most high and sublime – stop only at the limit of the ordinary?! Have you not seen how all the celestial objects are kept from falling down on us  without any pillars? Have you not seen women: how a living, seeing, hearing baby comes out of her? Have you not looked at yourself: how you eat, drink, sleep, and wake up?!


Do you want to make the power of Allah limited or restricted to ordinary and natural occurrences? Whereas Allah – most sublime – says: “Allah is able to do all things” (3:29).


When the lady Mary thought it impossible for a baby to come out of her without her having had a husband, our Lord – most sublime – told her that it is easy for Him. And likewise our master Zechariah, and likewise our master Abraham: miracles happened to them, and He told them that He is able to do all things.


Whydo you find it too difficult for a tree to come to the Prophet – peace be upon him – and that is an easy affair? Did it not reach you that Gabriel came to him from the Seventh Heaven? Do you want to find the coming of Gabriel – peace be upon him – too hard to believe as well? Did it not reach you that he came to him with the Revelation from Allah Most High?


Did it not reach you that he – peace and blessings be upon him – ascended the Seven Heavens? Is the coming of the tree to him harder, or the ascent above the Seven Heavens? Do you not then understand? Did it reach you that Allah – most sublime – on the Night of the Ascent, raised him in degrees and removed from him the veils, and that he saw his Lord – sublime and transcendent is He – and no one saw Him but him?


The miracles are many, as the author of Jawharat al-Tawhid – Allah have mercy on him –  said:


His miracles are great and luminous

among them is the inimitable speech of Allah


And it is the greatest miracle- and the everlasting one. As al-Busiri – Allah have mercy on him – said:


“These signs of truth from the Merciful are renewed

and yet they precede time itself, 

their quality is that of Him who is eternal


Unlinked to time, they give us news

of Judgement-Day, and of ‘Ad and Iram.


They remain with us and so surpassed every miracle

of the previous Prophets, for they came and did not last.”



He who hears the Qur’an, hears it correct, clear, and perfectly preserved, as if he is hearing it from the Messenger of Allah – peace and blessings be upon him! His Message does not deteriorate with the passing of time: it does not change or get altered. And his message is the noble and great Qur’an.


Allah – most sublime – said: “We have sent down the Reminder and We will preserve it” (15:9). If it is Allah who preserves and guards His Qur’an, His speech, then who can come near it with any change or alteration?


And if Allah will not permit the extinguishing of the light of Islam, then who can extinguish it? He – most sublime – said:


“They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will not permit anything but the completion (and perfection) of His light” (9:32).


And He – most sublime – says: “that He may exalt it above all religions” (48:28). And He is the truthful One in speech. So the Resurrection will not happen until this religion is exalted above all religions, and the Mahdi will come – about whom the Prophet peace be upon him spoke to us. He will come at the end of time, and fill the earth with justice, as it has been filled with injustice.


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